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TF 2/2011

Kaunas Textile Biennial
ETN and Textile Forum

English edition

Title: Wang Haiyuan/China, "Wind from the plateau", 20 x 10m, installation, flags; block print

TF: 48 high quality colour pages, A4-format
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TF Regional (A, CH, D)


Halles Tapestries in Merseburg/D

Die 7. Textile Art Berlin

Two useful websites on education in Germany
Textile + Fashion Confederation

Large format quilts, contest
Verein Quiltkunst

Franka Lechner, exhibition at Grafenegg Castle/Austria


Quilt Art 25, exhibition in Heidelberg
Max Berk Collection

'Colour-Form-Movement', exhibition in Wuppertal/D
Kunstverein Seide

'Czech Cubusm in Everyday Life', exhibition in Leipzig/D

Textile Art Forum in Switzerland, a new textile art group

'Body-Clothing-Image', exhibition with performance in Isernhagen and Großburgwedel/D



5 'Talking Textiles', trend show by Lidewij Edelkoort in Milano

Marimekko: A Whole Life, exhibition in Helsinki

Revolutionary fabrics by Shirley Craven, exhibition in Preston/UK

'Women in Orient', exhibition by Christian Lacroix in Paris
Musée du quai Branly

Colour Moves: Art and Fashion by Sonia Delaunay, exhibition in New York
Cooper Hewitt Museum

'Aware: Art Fashion Identity', exhibition in London


Textile Verona - The Silk Roads meet Verona, Italy
Associazione culturale Ad Maiora

Pulp Fashion von Isabelle de Borchgrave in San Francisco/USA
Legion of Honor

8 Norway and Washington/Seattle, travel report by Thomas Cronenberg: Trondheim Art Museum, Applied Art Museum, Arakne weaver's collective, Seattle Art Museum with Nick Cave, art quilts by Luke Haynes



Textile Forum magazine is known for its complete quarterly calendar. For the third quarter of 2011, 144 current exhibitions are listed, 46 specialized meetings respectively further educational opportunities and 14 competitions. The special pages for Germany, Austria and Switzerland have a calendar of more than 54 additional exhibitions, meetings/courses, competitions and fairs/markets.
(Up-to-date event overview see Calendar/ETN Database)




7th International Biennial of Textile Miniatures "vanish/survive", juried exhibition in Vilnius/LT
Lithuanian Artists Association

2nd Edition of Texpoart in Iasi/Romania

'Second Life', juried exhibition in Hanover/D

Fibermen, juried exhibition in Kherson/Ukraine

American Biennial 9 Exhibition
American Tapestry Alliance

The 4th Hungarian Triennial of Textile Art with three contests
Szombathely Képtár




Optional events for participants in the Kaunas ETN Conference:
Courses by Lia Cook/USA, Chunghie Lee/South Korea, Reiko Sudo/Japan and Vibeke Vestby/N; brief presentation of participants own projects
Application at ETN

13 8th International Shibori Symposium 2011/12 in Hong Kong
Shibori network



7th Tournai Textile Art Triennial "5 Continents-Woven World"


First International Festival of Extraordinary Textiles in France
HS projects

Tilleke Schwarz: Life Stories, exhibition in Emmen/NL

Ramsauer & Birkholz: Textile Art in Wesserling + DMC: 'L'art du fil', Alsace/France
Textile Museum

Quilt National 2011, 17th exhibition in USA
Dairy Barn

The Festival of Quilts 2011 in Birmingham/UK
Twisted Thread


'Trame de soi', textile art exhibition in Thizy, France
Trame de soi

'Handmade', exhibition at the Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle in Brussels


'Future Beauty', 30 years of fashion from Japan, exhibition in Munich
Haus der Kunst

Yohji Yamamoto at the Victoria & Albert-Museum in London


'Green: The Color and the Cause', exhibition in Washington D.C.
Textile Museum

Sheila Hicks: 50 years, exhibition in Pennsylvania/USA

18 'Unravel: Knitwear in Fashion', exhibition in Antwerp/B
Fashion Museum

'Primary Structures', skulptural knitted art in San José/USA


'Art & Fashion: Between Skin and Clothing', a museum visit in Wolfsburg/D by Beatrijs Sterk

21 'A New Hook - Rethinking Needlework', exhibition in Zürich
Museum Bellerive

MAIN TOPIC: The 2011 Kaunas Textile Biennial, ETN and Textile Forum magazine


The exhibition 'Rewind Personal Story', report by Beatrijs Sterk


'Demand for Brain', some reflections on the Kaunas bienniale by Monika Krikštopaitytė


Excursion to Vilnius, a.o. to the opening of the 7th International Biennial of Mini Textiles

Kaunas 2011: Accompanying exhibitions:


with Louise Lemieux-Bérubé/CDN, Chunghie Lee/South Korea, Lia Cook & Cynthia Schira/USA, and Laima Oržekaūskienė/LT

30 Textile Art from Costa Rica and with Máximo Laura/Peru
31 Art Objects from the Lausanne-Biennial
32 Experiments with Light: Art Lab
33 Estonian and Portuguese exhibitions of (textil-) art
34 Occasions and Locations for Encounters: Places in Europe where textile creators meet, by Beatrijs Sterk
36 30 years of Textile forum with chronological table, by Dietmar Laue

Film & Books


'Woven Lives - Contemporary Textiles from Ancient Oaxacon Traditions', film report from Mexico by Lala de Dios


Diana Springall - A Brave Eye, June Hill; London 2011


Art & Fashion. Between Skin and Clothing, ed. Markus Brüderlin and Annelie Lütgens/Art Museum Wolfsburg; Kerber-Verlag, Bielefeld 2011

Unravel - Tricot in der Mode/Knitwear in Fashion, ed. Emmanuelle Dirix, Karen Van Godtsenhoven, Anne Haegeman and Amy Van Loon; Verlag Lannoo, Tielt/B. 2011


Extra/Ordinary - Craft and Contemporary Art, ed. Maria Elena Buszek; Duke University Press, Durham/USA, 2011

Elrid Metzkes - Gobelin and Patchwork, Katrin Arrietá, Dorit Litt and Harald Metzkes; Kerber Art-Verlag, Bielefeld 2011

Fashion Designer, A Dream Job - A guide for degree and training courses, Yasmin Boeck; Stiebner-Verlag, Munich 2011


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Valcellina Award

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7th Cheongju Intl. Craft Biennale 2011

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