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TF 4/2009 Print and Electronic Media

English Edition

Title: Tilleke Schwarz/NL, "Beware of Embroidery", detail, 1993, free cross stitch, hand embroidered; Photo: Rob Mostert

TF: 48 high quality colour pages, A4-format
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TF Regional (pp. 2-7)
Reports (pp. 8-17)
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TF Regional (A, CH, D)


Helga Graupner - Obituary for a Berlin textile artist and educator


Textiles + Fashion Innovation Prize in Germany
Pfeil Gesamtverband Textil + Mode

Perfection in Crafts
Pfeil Grassimesse

Felt Design by Mary-Ann Williams, Hessian State Prize

The GEDOK FormART 2009 Oschmann Prize, exhibition in Hannover

Pfeil Mola Art Forum


Clothes in Context, preview of an exhibition in Winterthur/CH
Pfeil Gewerbemuseum

Pfeil Lower Saxon Festival of Regional Dress

Courses in Yarn Design in Switzerland
Pfeil Zürcher-Stalder

New Permanent Exhibition in Zurich
Pfeil Swiss State Museum


Steiff: Button in Ear, exhibition in Kevelaer/D
Pfeil Lower Rhemish Museum of Ethnography

The German Patchwork Guild Celebrates 25th Anniversary in 2010
Pfeil Patchworkgilde

Headscarves for South-East Europe, exhibition in Schwanden/CH
Pfeil Economic Archive in Glarus

17th Karlsruhe Christmas Fair
Pfeil Baden State Museum

Pfeil Shoe Fad exhibition in Bremen

Textiles from Ancient Peru, exhibition in Krefeld
Pfeil Textile Museum

Hanover's Luminescent Fabrics



8 Chunghie Lee, exhibition report by Maria Tulokas



The Como Miniartextil - A Shining Star of Textile Art


The SDA Conference 2009 in the USA, exhibition report by Michele Fricke


Quilt National, exhibition report


The 2nd Createurope Fashion Design Award 2009
Pfeil Createurope


The Exhibition of the STAR Group in Edinburgh/UK, report by Thomas Cronenberg


The Dovecot Tapestry Studios, report by Thomas Cronenberg
Pfeil Dovecot Studios

The 3rd Triennial of Textile Art in Szombathely
Pfeil Szombathely Art Gallery


'Textile Art Now', 8th Textile Triennial for Finnish Artists in Helsinki

Exhibition of African Textiles in New York

Pfeil Bauhaus Carpets, exhibition in Weimar


Child's Kimonos, exhibition in Paris

'Textile '09' - in Kaunas/Lithuania

The Artist Eva Cisarova-Minarikova, report by Eugénia Silkorová

The Pfaff Embroidery Challenge, presentation at the London Knitting and Stitching Show
Pfeil Report by J. Govin




Textile Forum magazine is known for its complete quarterly calendar. For the fourth quarter of 2009, 158 current exhibitions are listed, 35 specialized meetings respectively further educational opportunities and 25 competitions. The special pages for Germany, Austria and Switzerland have a calendar of more than 55 additional exhibitions, meetings/courses, competitions and fairs/markets.
(Up-to-date event overview see Calendar/ETN Database)




Three if Competitions at the Hanover Fair
Pfeil if-Design

Rijswijk Textile Biennial near Den Haag
Pfeil Museum Rijswijk

Juried exhibitions at Convergence 2010/USA
Pfeil Website

Scythia 8 - Exhibition and Symposium in Ukraine
Pfeil Website

Pfeil European Art Quilt VI

PfeilAmerican Tapestry Alliance exhibition

ITAB: 'International Techstyle Art' - A new biennial event in San Jose/USA
PfeilSan Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

14th Biennial of Sansepolcro in Italy
Pfeil Website



Conservation of Textiles in India

Pfeil Leiden Textile Festival


'Reinvention' - Conference in San Francisco
Pfeil Surface Design Association

Pfeil 21st IAPMA Congress in Korea

Green: A Colour and a Cause, exhibition in Washington
Pfeil Textilmuseum




The Art of the Samurai, exhibition in New York
Pfeil Metropolitan Museum of Arts

Japanese Textile and Fashion Design, exhibition in Washington
Pfeil Textile Museum

Miao from Head to Toe, exhibition in Liège/Belgium
Pfeil Les Drapiers gallery

Serizawa Keisuke exhibition in New York
Pfeil Japan Society


Molas in Transition, exhibition in Quebec/CDN
Pfeil Musée du Costume et du Textile

Die 'European Art Quilt' - Ausstellung in Krefeld
Pfeil European Art Quilt V

Amish Quilts, exhibition in Ste.-Marie-aux-Mines/F

Russian fabrics in Roubaix/F
Pfeil Musée d'Art et d'Industrie

Aslaug Juliussen: Frozen Flowers, exhibition in Oslo

Pfeil Quaker Tapestry in Brighton/UK


The Hand & Lock Embroidery Prize:
Pfeil Hand & Lock

A Cashmere Dream, exhibition in Mulhouse/F
Pfeil Musée de l'Impression sur Etoffes

'Beware of Embroidery', exhibition in London
Pfeil MP Gallery

'GRADA' Embroidery Exhibition in Brussels, Musée du Costume et de la Dentelle

22 Paper Silhouettes 'Pure Outlines', exhibition in Zurich
Pfeil Bellerive Museum
23 Pfeil The 2009 Swiss Design Prize

MAIN TOPIC: Print and Electronic Media


The Internet after seven years of pause for reflection, by Beatrijs Sterk


Internet User - A Statistical Comparison, by Dietmar Laue


Social Networks, as represented by Facebook, by Dietmar Laue


DVD's as Storage Media, based on the example of the 2009 SDA conference documentary, by Beatrijs Sterk


The Blog - An Internet Diary, by Beatrijs Sterk


Frankfurt Book Fair more open to new ideas than ever, by Dietmar Laue

Textile literature at the book fair, by Beatrijs Sterk


Textile Art - Book reviews by Beatrijs Sterk, a.o. Rozanne Hawksley


Fashion Books - Self Portrait in a velved dress: Frida's Wardrobe, Isabel Toledo, Styl: The Early 1920s Berlin Fashion Magazine, and Fashion Makers, Fashion Shapers


Interior Textiles - Gunta Stölzl: Bauhaus Master; Tapestries by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Lise Gujer, and Clothing the House: Furnishing textiles of the first millenium AD from Egypt and neighbouring countries


Plant - Paper - La Magie du Papier, Bloom, Planting, and Unfolded: Paper in Design, Art, Architecture und Industry


Material/Technique - Carpet Weaving Techniques among the Serbs in Vojvodina, Magiske Materialer-Ivaeven (Magical Materials in the Loom), Cross Stitch & Crossed Stitches, Ryijy: The Finnish Ryijy Rug, sowie Cotton Worldwide



Ethnographic Textiles - Sophisticated and Beautiful: Textiles from West Africa, Indianische Genußmittel, Rohstoffe und Farben (Indian Stimulants, Primary Products and Dyestuffs), Indian Textiles in the East, Tivaivai: The Social Fabric of the Cook Islands, and War Rugs: The Nightmare of Modernism


Other - Thaisho Kimono: Speaking of Past and Present, und Black Tatoo Art: Modern Expressions of the Tribal




The Essential Art of African Textiles - Design without end, by Alisa La Gamma & Christine Giuntini; Yale University Press, New York 2008

Serizawa - Master of Japanese Textile Design; Ed. Joe/Japan Society; Yale University Press, New York 2009

Quilt National 2009 - The Best of Contemporary Quilts, Ed. The Dairy Barn Center & Lark Books, Athens/USA 2009

Digital Textile Design, by Melanie Bowles & Ceri Isaak; Laurence King Publishing, London 2009

Transparency in Textiles, by Dawn Thorne; Batsford, London 2009

African Art in Detail, by Chris Spring; The British Museum Press, London 2009

Experimental Textiles - A Journey through design, interpretation and inspiration, by Kim Thittichai; Batsford, London 2009

Korean Contemporary Crafts Now - The 36th Korean Crafts Council Exhibition; Corean Crafts Council, Seoul 2009

Connecting Art to Stitch, by Sandra Meech; Batsford, London 2009

Flandrische Spitze im Aufbruch (A New Departure in Flanders Lace), Ed. Brigitte Kern; Deutscher Klöppelverband, Übach-Palenberg 2009


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Pfeil Haupt-Verlag


Pfeil Textile Fibre Forum Magazine

Pfeil Embroidery Magazine

Pfeil Fiberarts Magazine

Pfeil Selvedge Magazine


Pfeil Creativa

Pfeil Surface Design Association

Pfeil Schule für Gestaltung Basel


Pfeil Puchka Perú - Textile Tours

Pfeil Fondazione Arte della Seta Lisio

Pfeil Digital Weaving Norway AS


Pfeil Bata Shoe Museum

Pfeil West Dean College

Pfeil Handarbeit & Hobby


Pfeil Arm AG, Webgeräte

Pfeil Burkhard-Dreier AG

Pfeil Quilt Star

Pfeil Venne-Colcoton Unikat

Pfeil Wollknoll

Pfeil Webstuhlmanufaktur


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