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TF 1/99 Fabrics

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TF 1/99: 64 pages, 24 high quality pages, in A4 format (German edition: 72 pages)
Most of the articles are presented with complete contact addresses.


Structure and Surface - An exhibition of contemporary Japanese textiles in New York, by Cara McCarty

A Multimedia Catalogue of Historic Fabrics in Como, by Chiara Buss

The Rohner Textil AG delivers its environmental statement for 1998, by Dietmar Laue

Innovative Fabric Designers: Sophie Roet/UK, Helen Archer/UK, Ann Richards/UK, Marian de Graaff/NL, Cecile de Kegel/B, Christine Keller/D, Eugène van Veldhoven/NL and James Bullen/UK

M8300 - A Multe-Phase Weaving Machine by Sulzer Rüti, Switzerland, report: Dietmar Laue

The Creative Potentials of the JacqCAD Programme, by Cynthia Schira

Digital Textile Printing, by Dietmar Laue

Made-To -Measure Clothing for Industry, by Dietmar Laue

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Preview of events

Calendar of international events

Textile Forum magazine is known for its complete quarterly calendar. For the second quarter of 1998, 175 current exhibitions are listened, 50 specialized meetings resp. further educational opportunities and 13 competitions

Calendar of 'Regional' Events

The German edition has a calendar of more than 65 additional exhibitions, meetings/courses, competitions and fairs/markets in German speaking countries.

Some selected event previews

Seven fairs, eight contests and six specialised further educational opportunities resp. specialised meetings are noted in detail, with their entry, submission resp. application conditions, dates and complete addresses.

Exhibitions - Detailed and/or illustrated articles

Quilt National ‘99, 11th International Biennial of Quilt Art, from 29 May to 6 September 1999 in Athens, USA

Celestial Garments form China, 31 January - 16 June 1999, at the Fashion Museum in Hasselt, Belgium

Talente ‘99 - Special exhibition at the Munich International Crafts Fair, from 18 - 24 March 1999

Quilt Art ‘Poetic Licence’, from 20 March to 2 May 1999 at the Ruskin Gallery in Sheffield, UK

‘De Natura’ - A Canadian exhibition of basketry from 13 March to 16 March 1999 at the Tapestry Museum in Tournay, Belgium

Solo exhibition of Silvia Heyden in Chieri, Italy, from 19 March to 25 April 1999

Arlette Vermeiren - Zucoli, solo exhibition from 21 April to 15 May 1999 in Brussels

‘Textile Art in Sweden’, from 5 March to 5 April 1999 in Riga, Estonia

Apolda Textile and Fashion Design, presentation of the results of the German contest, on 24 April 1999

‘Admiralty Needle’, presentation of the results of the Russian fashion design contest, from 3 to 7 May 1999 in St. Petersburg

4th International Tapestry Festival, from 1 July to 19 September 1999 in Beauvais, France

Ida Kerkovius: Carpets and Designs, from 7 March to 30 May 1999 in Mönchengladbach, Germany

8th International Lace Biennial, exhibition from 7 March to 30 May 1999 at the Max Berk Textile Museum in Heidelberg, Germany

‘1999 Textile Culture Weeks’ from Easter until Whitsuntide in Freiburg, Germany

‘Fashion made in Frankfurt 1933 - 1945’, exhibition from 18 March to 25 July 1999 at the Frankfort Historic Museum

‘Fast Forward’ - Fashion in the media of the nineties, from 16 April to 6 June 1999 at the Vienna Künstlerhaus

Black & White - White & Black Models, exhibition of student works from 23 February to 31 March 1999 at the Textile Museum in St. Gallen, Switzerland

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Special reports

Textile Dyeing Traditions: Shibori and Kasuri in Japan - A travel report by Gisela Wuttke

Textile Art for Interiors by Ria van Eyk, report: Dietmar Laue

Reports of selected events

Fabrics - An exhibition inspired by the Miao textile culture in China, Karola Kauffmann and Daphne Ineichen, Basel

The 2nd International Symposium of Textile Art in Ireland, by Pia Filliger-Nolte

The 4th Tapestry Symposium in Loures, Portugal

‘Fototessere’ - A textile/weaving exhibition near Turin, Italy

The ‘Textile Route’ Exhibition at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, by Mascha Mioni

Gracinda Candeias, solo exhibition at the Lisbon Costume Museum, Portugal

Louise Sass, textile design exhibition at the Röhss Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden

Two exhibitions of Bulgarian artists in Sofia

Textile art exhibition at the Russian Museum of Applied Art & Folk Art in Moscow

6th International Textile Competition in Kyoto, Japan - Report: Helga Berry

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Other Subjects

Brief notes

Marja Suna, Fashion Designer of the Year 1998 in Finland

Report: Textile Designers in France, by the French Ministry of Culture, 1998

‘Perfection in Wool’ - A competition planned for the year 2000 in Australia

The Como Silk Museum

Educational CD ROM for Textiles by the University of Leeds, England

The Natural Dye Association ‘Maria Elda Salice’ in Milan, Italiy


Textile Forum Library ‘99: 87 book titles on the theme of textile culture, among them 36 new editions and 51 classics, on show on 8 colour pages

Book reviews

Shimi Jimi, published by Nuno Corporation, Tokyo 1998

Le tissage créateur (Creative weaving), Louise Lemieux-Bérubé, Editions Saint-Martin, Montreal 1998

Imagery of Fabric, Jean Ray Laury, USA 1997

Entlang der Seidenstraße (Along the Silk Road) - Early Medieval Art made between Persia and China, published by the Abegg-Foundation, Switzerland, Riggisberg 1998

Chinese and Central Asian Textiles - Selected articles from Orientations 1983 - 1997, published by Orientations Magazine Ltd. Hong Kong 1998


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