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TF 4/98 Information on Textiles

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Most of the articles are presented with complete contact addresses.
TF 4/98: 56 pages, 24 high quality colour pages, A4 format (German edition: 64 pages)

Main Topic:

Information on Textiles

Specialist Libraries for Textiles and Costume/Fashion, by Dietmar Laue

Two Remarkable Textile Bibliographers: Seth Siegelaub and R. L. Shep

International Specialist Textile Magazines and Newsletters (with 53 complete addresses)

Textile Publications on the Internet, by Beatrijs Sterk

Impressions of the Francfort Book Fair, with the following book reviews by Beatrijs Sterk:

- Textiles Africains, by Michèle Coquet; Paris 1998

- Indigo, by Jenny Balfour-Paul; London 1998

- Hanten and Happi, Traditional Japanese Work Coats: Bold Designs and Colourful Images, Sumi Collection, Japan 1998

- Fuwa Fuwa, editor: Nuno Corporation; Tokio 1998

- Das Bauhaus webt (Weaving Bauhaus), editor: Bauhaus-Archiv; Berlin 1998

- Europäisches Textildesign der 20er Jahre (Twenties European Textile Design), exhibition catalogue Zurich/New York 1998

- Tone Fink - Stoff Art, editor: Josef Otten GmbH; Ostfildern 1997

- Georgina von Etzdorf - Sensuality, Art and Fabric, by Nilgin Yusuf; London 1998

- The Fashion Book, authors’ collective; London 1998

- Männermode - Ein Lexikon (Men’s fashion - An encyclopedia), by Stefan Thull, Stuttgart 1998

- Fil à Fil - Lin, coton, laine et soie (Thread by Thread - Linen, Wool, Cotton and Silk), by Claude Fauque

- Weißwäsche - Edles für Tisch und Bett (Household Linen - the book of fine linen), by Françoise de Bonneville; Hildesheim 1998

- Lotte Hofmann - Textile Bilder 1950-1981 (Textile Pictures), by Heidrun Jecht; Stuttgart 1997

- The Technique of Ply-Split Braiding, Peter Collingwood; London 1998

- Koromo - Stoffe zwischen zwei Welten, Jürgen Lehl (Koromo - Fabrics between two worlds, Jürgen Lehl), by Isa Fleischmann/Brigitte Tietzel; Köln 1998

- Indian Ikat Textiles, by Rosemary Crill; London 1998

- Tableaux Kuna - Les molas, un art d’Amérique, by Michel Perrin, Paris 1998

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Preview of events

Calendar of international events

Textile Forum magazine is known for ist complete quarterly calendar. For the first quarter of 1999, 183 current exhibitions are listed, 25 specialized meetings resp. further educational opportunities and 19 competitions.

Calendar of ‘Regional’ Events

The German edition of TF 4/98 has a calendar of more than 54 additional exhibitions, meetings/courses, competitions and fairs/markets in German speaking countries.

Some selected event previews

Eleven fairs, four contests and six specialized further educational opportunities resp. specialized meetings are noted in detail, with their entry, submission resp. application conditions, dates and complete addresses.

Exhibitions - Detailed and/or illustrated articles

The Anchor Award for European Embroidery Design, touring exhibition, 25 Sept.-8 Oct 1998 in Baden-Baden, 21 Jan.-27 Febr. 1999 at Galerie Smend/Cologne, 9 June-23 July 1999 Freiburg Broadcasting building, and 24 July-25 Sept. 1999 at the Voirrey Embroidery Centre in Brimstage/UK.

12th National Biennial of Textile Art in Argentina, exhibition from 20 Nov. to 20 Dec. 1998 at the Cultural Centre of the town Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Françoise Giannesini, exhibition from 15 Dec ‘98 to 15 Febr. ‘99 at ‘Musée Jean Lurçat’, Angers/France

6th International Textile Competition ‘99 Kyoto, exhibition from 1 to 14 Febr. 1999 at the Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto/Japan

Azzedine Alaïa, Fashion Design, 3 Oct.-30 Dec. 1998 at the Fashion Museum, Hasselt/Belgium

Paris Cashmere Shawls, entitled ‘Cashmires Parisiens à l’école d’Asie 1810-1880’, 9 Oct. ‘98-28 Febr. 1999 at the ‘Musée Galliera-Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris’

British Quilt Art: Take 4 - New Perspectives, 28 Nov. ‘98-24 Jan.1999 at the Castle Museum in Nottingham/UK

Peter Collingwood - Master Weaver, exhibition from 31 Jan. to 9 May 1999 at the Textile Museum in Borås/Sweden

Embroidery - The Exhibition ‘Art of the Stich’, 17 March-11 April 1999 at the Concourse Gallery in London

‘Structure and Surface’ - Contemporary Japanese Textiles, 12 Nov ‘98-26 Jan. 1999 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York

Tapestry Today - Exhibition of Danish Arists, 19 Sept ‘98-3 Jan. 1999 at the ‘Danske Kunstindustrimuseum‘ in Copenhagen

‘Issey Miyake Making Things: Clothes beyond Time’, exhibition from 13 Oct. ‘98 to 28 February 1999 at the Cartier Foundation in Paris

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Special Reports

Handcraft Festival in Cappadocia, Turkey, by Pat Hickman

‘Sought and Found’ - What makes searching on the internet so difficult, by Paul Clemens

The International Congress of Cochineal and other Natural Dyestuffs, in Oaxaca/Mexico, by Yosi Anaya

Reports of selected events

‘Naturally Art Objects’, an international touring exhibition which will be shown again in Bratislava/Slovakia, with participants from Germany, Austria and Slovakia

Outdoor Fibre Art ‘Fibre Transformed’, workshop results, shown at the Norton Priory Museum in Runcorn/UK

But for me’ - Textile Collages by Finnish artist Kaiju Haanpää, exhibition in Vienna

‘Five Expressions of Textile Art’, exhibition in Buenos Aires, with works of five Argentinian (textile) artists: Carola Segura, Azucena Miralles, Antoinette Galland, Maria Herrada and Gracia Cutuli

The First ‘Dialogue ‘98’ Textile Symposium, reports by Claudia Merx and by Ludmila Egorova

6th Textile Society of America Symposium, report by Sanja Zivo

Miniartextil Como ‘98, exhibition report by Renata Pompas

The Convergence ‘98 Congress in Atlanta/USA, report by Pirkko Karvonen

7th Linen Festival in Normandy, with preview to the year ‘99, report by Gebriele Sürig

Linen Meeting in Galicia, Spain, report by Lala de Dios

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Other subjects

Brief notes

20th Anniversary of Textile Art Gallery in Wroclaw/Poland

Laser Technology in Textile Restauration

The Antonio Ratti Textile Center in New York

The Clothworkers’ Centre in London


Useful ads of suppliers for material, products, tools, equipment, further educational course offers, announcements of competitions etc.


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