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TF 1/96 South East Europe

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Most of the articles are presented with complete contact addresses.
TF 1/96: 64 pages, 26 high quality colour pages, A4 format (German edition: 72 pages)

Main Topic:

South East Europe

European Identity and the South Eastern Border of Our Continent

South Eastern Europe - Historic Overview

Handweaving Traditions in the Ukraine

Kherson, Venue of the Skythia Symposium, Textile Art & Design

The Textile Heritage of the Equestrian Peoples

Burial Finds of Steppe Peoples

The Caucasus Region, Summary

Textiles in Georgia

Moldova & Romania - Medieval Textiles in Romanian Collections

Bulgaria, The Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia and the Paper Art group

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Design Competitions Follow the Textile Industry to the Grave

Textiles Sismographes Symposium in Montreal

Japanese Shibori Festival

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Other subjects

Special Report: The Wool Network 'ATELIER'/Part II

Calendar of Events

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Paper, Art, Fashion - Art and Fashion, Paper Clothes

Fairs/Markets, Competitions, Conferences


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