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TF 4/94 Japan

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Most of the articles are presented with complete contact addresses.
TF : 56 pages, 16 high quality colour pages, A4 format (German edition: 64 pages)


Textile Art and Design in Japan, Keiko Kawashima

Junichi Arai, Ann Sutton / B. Sterk

Kim Hye Kyung - A Korean Artist in Japan

books New editions, reviews

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5th Int. Symposium of Textile Art in Rudzomberok

10th Int. Tapestry Symposium in Graz, Peter Horn

Special reports

Jacquard Project Philadelphia, 2nd part,, Christine LoFaso

An Economic Look at Silk

Silk Stories from Germany

The Silk Routes in the Cévennes

Out of the Silence, Debra Sparrow

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Other subjects

Calendar of Events

Preview TEXTILE FORUM 1/95


Coats Mez Embroidery Award with exhibition, Beatrijs Sterk

Fairs/Markets, Competitions, Conferences

Special report: Denmarks Untimely Tapestry


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