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TF 3/93: The other Europe

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Most of the articles are presented with complete contact addresses.
TF 3/93: 56 pages, 16 high quality colour pages, A4 format (German edition: 64 pages)

The other Europe

THE OTHER EUROPE, The 2nd Tournai Intern. Triennial

"Golden Weavings", Flemish Tapestries of the Spanish Crown

"Flexible - Pan European Art" - An Exhibition for Textile Art

Spanish Textile Art in Context, Julian Ruesga Bono

Rencontre Suisse du Jeune Talent - A fashion Contest

"Kryss-Crossing Borders", Bergen/Norway, Janis Jefferies

Art and its Semantics, Jean Gimpel

Textile Design of Michiwo Yamaguchi

Terra Incognita: Technical Textiles

Lisio - New Designs from the Florence Workshop, V. Vestby

Stone Age Textiles found in Bavaria, G. Schönfeld/A. Bartel

Baskets: Redefining Volume and Meaning, Pat Hickman

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7th International Conference for Oriental Carpets (ICOC)

Contemporary Israeli Fiber Art

Textiel-Europa Grenzeloos, Amersfoort/The Netherlands

Brief Reviews

"White Nights" in St. Petersburg - Int. Textile Art Symposium, G. Gabriel

Book/Catalogue Reviews, BeatrijsSterk

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